Old Kagoshima

Old Kagoshima

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

There’s a typewritten note on the back of this photo that says, “A shot of Kagoshima from the top of a department store in the center of town. Notice the giant mountain out in the bay partly obscured by clouds.”

I suspect this was sent to my grandmother years ago, to show her some aspects of our living.


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2 Responses to “Old Kagoshima”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    charming photo. how much has the photo biz changed!
    is that the sakurajima in the back?

    • Susan Says:

      Hasn’t it! This one goes so very far back. That mountain, which is barely visible in this shot, is definitely Sakurajima.
      I recently saw a similar image of it via live cam recently. The clouds were hanging very low – what a view!

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