Last week, I went with friends to see “Traces: Mapping a Journey” which is currently on exhibit at NSCU’s Gregg Museum of Art and Design. I came away from it wanting to do a little ‘digging’ or exploration of my own and began where I usually do, with the word.

A few notes:
Trace – 1. a mark left by something that has passed: Vestige
Leftover marks – 跡・あと・ato
2. A minute or barely detectable amount – 跡・あと・ato
3. to mark out or sketch – 図面を引く・ずめんをひく
4. to copy – 写す・うつす・utsusu
5. to follow – 付いていく (tsuite iku) – follow after)

6. to study out follow the development of – which has more to do with
‘understanding’ – another use of that word – 分かる – wakaru.
7. either of two lines of a harness

In the end, though…we’re all involved in this process…this ‘mark making,’ leaving traces and then documenting them.

More on the topic can be found here. 楽しんでください! Enjoy!


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