Testing theory?

I’m looking at today as an experiment of sorts.  I’m not really sure, actually.  Maybe I’m playing with theory.  At any rate, I have a plan or at least a goal for the day.  Janine is coming over in about an hour and the plan is to walk through what we are teaching in February (in Beaufort).

I find no matter how much I think I know about a thing or how often I’ve taught it, there’s always a new element or approach to think about (or maybe we’ll actually come up with something new) as we go along.  So, today, we’re playing, drawing up a kind of ‘game plan’ even though we’ve already got one in mind.

So, I thought, why not blog about the day as we go along?  I’m not sure how that’s going to work or if it’s at all practical, but I thought I’d at least make it a goal.

Yesterday, I cleaned up the area in my garage where we are likely do be doing most of our work (and it’s a little chilly out there).  I’m also working up a pot of soup – something quick – to sustain us at the appropriate mealtime.  I’m wondering if I want to also make up some rolls to go with it as well.  I also need to check the vat.  It warm, but what’s the strength?  So…back to the kitchen.


3:10 p.m.

So, it didn’t last as long as I thought and we didn’t do any dyeing, like I thought we might.  I might have been a bit unrealistic about that.  It was a little chilly.  We did accomplish other more important things though.

In thinking about our approach to what we’re trying to do, Slow Cloth comes to mind.  Janine, in her write-up says “meditative” and Elaine Lipson says “contemplative” and that’s definitely at the heart of the upcoming work.

So, specifics on time, the activities and approach, outlining the daily plans for two days, materials lists for both instructors and students and then ‘prepping to prep’  (cutting fabric to dye) is what we resolved today.  Then we moved on to the other important things.

Lets see…we shared stories (and textiles – like my Oshima Tsumugi), laughed, ate our soup and bread….She left not too long ago, other things to do, but she left me some fabric to play with (some silk noil) and the day’s not over.  The vat’s still warm and think I need to check it.


4 Responses to “Testing theory?”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    a plan is good…i have a plan for the day as well. i heated the vat yesterday and it’s ready today. no soup here though- just a pot of coffee. will check back…

    • Susan Says:

      I need one everyday (on the whole). I’ve found I need my goals (not resolutions) and they keep me focused even if I don’t get to all of my hopes (or expectations) I’ve set up. Sometimes it takes a while to even get one thing done. That’s fine though. The soup was good, but the bread didn’t rise to my expectations!

  2. shiborigirl Says:

    you got me going on the soup and bread- had to make some of my own. was (is) delicious!

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