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J’s cloth

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To continue with the previous blog…I did check the vat and cut a piece from the silk noil I was given. I have to admit, in spite of the cold, I really wanted to dip something in the dye.

So, I folded the piece in triangles, soaked it in warm water (to help with wicking), then dipped it between 5 and 10 times in the vat. Then I started to feel the chill and decided to quit for the day.

I washed it in a mild detergent then hung it to dry, which it’s doing now. I may just leave it out overnight. I’m not satisfied with it, but it’s one of the things that challenge me in this process. The image shows that and some of what will be addressed in the next workshop, which is what the day was about.


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2 Responses to “continuing with that theory”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    it’s always good to do some testing. i’ve never been in love with silk noil for some reason. it seems to me that it’s not as friendly with the indigo as other weaves and fibers. i think the nature of noil makes it more difficult for the dye to penetrate. do you find that as well? i also feels it tends to fade more…maybe i just haven’t worked with it enough to know.

    • Susan Says:

      Yes, that noil is a challenge isn’t it. That problem with the wicking…the first time I tried to soak it, the piece just floated. I found a mix of soda ash & water helps, but even so, I never know from piece to piece. I don’t know about the fading yet, but I have piece that I can’t be sure if that’s what happened or did I not dye it dark enough? I can’t remember…but I am trying to pay more attention to color depth. So, I’ve got lots of it, so am just considering every piece I do with it an experiment. Another thing is the odor…I don’t mind it, but some people do and it may get diminished in the indigo.

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