Sakurajima with Clouds

Sakurajima with Clouds

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

The sun keeps peaking in and out of the clouds. When it clouds over it’s gloomy, then the snow showers start. It’s a funny weather day. I need to be doing Saturday chores, but I got “distracted” by a morning’s message from my brother asking for some proofreading/translation help.

I know how eager he is to respond to a message from Kagoshima, so most of my morning went into word searches and musing over sentence structure. Most of the confusion resulted from some “misspellings” so the job really wasn’t too complicated. Distant teaching days are coming back to haunt me, but I am also enjoying this process.

In checking on the correct spelling of れんしゅう・renshuu (practice), I found this little proverb:
Narau yori narero.

It’s better to learn through experience than to be taught.


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