Another perspective, this time from the bridge across from the old neighborhood.  A kappa used to live in the river under this bridge, according to my childhood friends.    I was skeptical, but decided I’d better go along with it otherwise there was no telling what might happen.  Kappa are really not to be reckoned with.  At any rate, I rode my red bike over this bridge many times in my wanderings, of course, looking over my shoulder for that little creature, quite often.

I’ve spent most of the day composing a letter (in Japanese) to the woman who apparently still lives in ‘the’ house across the street.  She was a good friend and her younger brothers were my younger brothers’ friends.  So, the connections and friendship with this family continued long after I left home for boarding school.

We probably haven’t been in touch since middle or perhaps high school days.  I can’t be sure, it has been so long.  Only recently, by some miracle or strange cosmic force, have things have somehow ‘aligned’ making it possible for my siblings and I to finally make contact with this family again.  It’s both strange and wonderful.


4 Responses to “Contact…almost”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    it Is wonderful!

    • Susan Says:

      yes, indeed and for this to happen…it was so unexpected, serendipitous…something like that, but even better. my brother and i now have a new friend, and she really gets the credit for bringing this about. we’re still amazed.

  2. glennis Says:

    i hope you do make contact. i will have to try the google map thing on some of my old haunts- great idea!

    • Susan Says:

      Do look them up. There’s no telling what you’ll find. We did actually exchange e-mails, and now I’ve got a little project going, that includes family…just taking things in small steps.

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