December’s vat


Dec Indigo

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We’ve had an abnormally cold December this year making it less enticing to warm up the vat, but it warmed just a bit today (upper 40’s) and tomorrow rain is predicted. Today was the day.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat….I’ve gotta spend some time dipping in the vat.

Well…actually, I like to get out there periodically regardless of the temps.


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6 Responses to “December’s vat”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    acute case of jealousy here. please be kind to me as i’m still unwell!! 🙂

    • Susan Says:

      You are still unwell? I am so sorry to hear that. If it helps…it was a chilly experience and done in kind of a rush because of that. At least the pieces didn’t freeze.

      Earlier in the week, I was experimenting with acid dyes (I don’t have much experience there) and my scarves froze on the line.

      Feel better soon!

  2. velma Says:

    up here they used to hang out clothes in winter, and they would freeze and dry, bring them in and drape until they thawed. at least THAT’s the story i got, well i tried it and it doesn’t work. i mean it thaws, and then it’s wet all over again.

    • Susan Says:

      I’m sure the story’s true…sounds familiar from my childhood days. I encountered the same with my scarves too…frozen…with ice at the bottom! Then, of course, they melted and I just gave up and pressed them dry.

  3. velma Says:

    and so fine to get into the indigo in winter.

    • Susan Says:

      Theoretically, I’d love to try it when it snows, just to see it on the line with all of that white around. We have to have snow first, though and it’s always iffy around here. Keep you fingers crossed!

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