Appeasing the spirits

scarf detail

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After getting a little spooked on our arrival, I thought maybe we’d better take a few precautions. Before entering the “establishment” for serious work, I asked their permission, but also let them know we were there for a purpose. When we left, I thanked them.

The property butts up to a pre-civil war cemetery with only a chain link fence separating the two properties. The building dates back to 1845, so I’m sure there is some spirited activity to be considerate of. Better safe than sorry. I hope they felt curious and protective instead of mischievous. At any rate, the workshop seems to have gone satisfactorily. There was a lot of playful, whimsical experimentation that showed that the term shibori has many implications. There were a lot of surprising results.

The indigo spirit was also kind to us. Even though it wasn’t a natural dye, I still felt like it had those ‘living’ (ikiru) properties and so needed to be respected. The vat was strong until the end giving us good color depth.

When we return, I think some kind of ritual may be in order to continue a good relationship with those ghostly inhabitants, whoever they may be. In any case, I’ll prepare with that in mind.


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4 Responses to “Appeasing the spirits”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    a good thought-

  2. neki rivera Says: the ritual sake offering to the vat.

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