pattern on pattern on pattern…


pattern on pattern on pattern

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

We’ll see how all of this works out. Originally the scarf was pole wrapped (arashi) and dyed in indigo. I’ve had it around for a while, so I thought to change things by doing some itajime (board clamping). I liked some of the results, not all, so decided after seeing some of Harada’s work to push it even further.

The image shows mokume over the arashi. Actually, some areas will be in boushi (capping) as well. I’ll dye it over the weekend in Beaufort and I’ll  document more of the results as I go along.

Otherwise, I’ve spent the day packing up off and on. I still can’t decide what to take, apart from the necessities. I don’t want to over do it, as I have a small car and there are 2 of us doing this together. How much is too much?


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4 Responses to “pattern on pattern on pattern…”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    very interesting. looking forward to seeing what you’re doing. i love pattern over pattern!

  2. shiborigirl Says:

    can’t wait to see as well. as for how much is too much? tricky question! over time i’ve learned to be somewhat spare- after going the other way and finding that i dragged things around unnecessarily. and finding that when i didn’t things went just fine and no one noticed anyway!

    • Susan Says:

      Very true. We talked about that exact thing and lots more all the way home (3 hr. drive) and made a mental list of things we’re taking next time ’round. A flashlight would’ve helped, thought of it and forgot it. Next time….

  3. jude Says:


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