Kasane – layers of color

Colors and Sounds of Ancient Japan

Since reading about Hiroko Harada’s works and kasane, the question of its meaning has lingered.  This morning,  the Japan Foundation’s bulletin arrived with this event (not to be missed if one is in Nara or nearby this month) that led to more answers on that topic.

Exploring Sachio Yoshioka, a Kyoto textile dyer and historian led to further explanations:

The concept of ‘kasane’ originated in the aristocratic customs and lifestyles of 11th century Japan and is applied not only to textiles, but also to papers and interiors, for instance. Now Yoshioka has reintroduced this custom into his 21st century textile materials and textile installations.
Yoshioka uses it to represent Japanese’ sensitivity towards colours, seasons and nature as well as to enhance the visual impact of textile installation and its surrounding environment.


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6 Responses to “Kasane – layers of color”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    thank you! as ever your links open other paths.

  2. velma Says:

    gorgeous color

  3. onesmallstitch Says:

    Liza Dalby’s book “Kimono, Fashioning Culture” published by University of Washington Press” has an entire chapter on kasane. With colour plates and descriptions of the colours used. Fascinating

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