Revisiting Kamenozoki

After my earlier entry on 瓶覗き色 (kamenozoki), I found more on the topic in Arimatsu Shibori edited by Bonnie Abiko.  The color dye chart shows 30 shades of indigo with kamenozoki as the palest shade.  Hiroko Harada, a contributor to this book as well as an indigo/shibori artist, describes it as “a whisper of blue from barely passing the textile once through the dye bath.”  At the opposite end of the chart is is jōkon tomekon (上紺 止紺), midnight blue – dipped in the dye “at least 30 times”.

By the way, some of Harada’s work is included in Arimatsu Shibori, but the link to her galleries gives an even larger viewpoint and a look at contemporary藍染絞り (aizome shibori).


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10 Responses to “Revisiting Kamenozoki”

  1. jude Says:


  2. glennis Says:

    that is one of my favorite books. so many great things in it. i have been a bit obsessed with ombre dyeing with indigo lately- just to see how subtly i can shade a single piece. i like that whisper…

    • Susan Says:

      I keep mine close to my computer workstation or on the table close to where I do my stitching. It is a wonderful reference. I played with ombre a bit this summer and would love to work with it more-I’ve been wondering the same thing, but right now working with darks – how deep can I go?

  3. neki rivera Says:

    i love all the different much poetry there.

  4. glennis Says:

    susan- wondered what you know about kasane shibori technique. there are some lovely examples in the Abiko book (by Harada). my understanding of that term is that it refers to a “set” of colors or shades used together as in the layering of silk kimono. in the book it is used to describe a shibori technique resembling some form of subtly dyed itajime. you are my “go to” person on this- also posted a link on my FB page to the costume museum you might enjoy…

    • Susan Says:

      What a coincidence! I’ve been wondering about the same. The only thing that comes to mind is that it’s possibly another term for Katano shibori. I realize that the term comes from the inventor’s name, but one definition (and the only one that really fits the context) of kasane (重ね) is basically ‘layers’ or layers of clothing. Those pieces you are referring to, look like Katano shibori to me (which of course involves layers). I haven’t seen any other definitions or explanations for it, but I’ll keep looking. You just never know! I’ll be sure to check out your fb page too!

  5. onesmallstitch Says:

    the line-up of all those shades is a work of art in itself. What a termendous amount of work.

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