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Indigo Kinchaku

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It’s noon already. Where did the time get to? I wanted to spend the time doing…not writing, not adjusting items in my little shop. I had to though. In many respects, my shop is probably as neglected as my garden.

I’m finding my way back to both though – bit by bit. The dye vat is always calling and I think more about the making, exploring – experimentation more than anything – than production.

Production and I are like oil and water at this point. I can do it, but I don’t love it. I love making though. I love watching the interaction of dyes on fiber – it’s like watching the interaction of pigment on paper. It’s just fun. That’s just one aspect of it.

I also like selling my work. That has been integral with being an artist – the idea of sharing & showing my visual perspective (is there a better way to say this? I’d like to know) – my aesthetics or sensibilities, I guess. I like referencing Japan, obviously, it’s what I know, it’s my lens. しかたない。 It can’t be helped.

So, some of my time this morning went into reducing and adjusting the prices on some of my “pieces.” I hope it helps. In the near future I plan to add items with new experiments & explorations in silk & cotton.


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