Origami Shibori

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The day began with returning to an exploration from spring – inspiration from the book 藍染おりがみ絞り (Aizome Origami Shibori). I’d meant to work with it through the summer and realized there was a great deal to it and so it wound up being set aside.

For one, the book is entirely in Japanese which means some translation is needed. The job isn’t quite so intimidating as the book is well illustrated. Still, I want to know what’s being said and ultimately, I really would like to increase my understanding along these lines.

So, this morning, at least an hour went into some translation work. I already knew some words from previous study, so things went much more smoothly than anticipated. Still, it involved counting kanji stroke numbers, finding the match in a dictionary, then finally looking up the definition. It was slow work.

Some vocabulary:
布・ぬの・nuno – cloth
折る・おる・oru – to fold
中心・ちゅうしん・chuushin – center (my understanding of it)
広げ・ひろげ・hiroge – spread out (open back up after folding)
印・しるし・shirushi– a mark or symbol
方向・ほうこう・houkou – direction or orientation

After study, I warmed up the dye vat, and started folding.


4 Responses to “Origami Shibori”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    thank you for the translations! haven’t done much with it bu, your result is inspiring.

  2. whereishenow Says:

    your second paragraph is the story of my life!!!!

    that’s a beautiful cloth!!!!

    • Susan Says:

      I think it’s the way it is most of the time, don’t ya think?? And thanks for the compliment! I’m working up a collection of those “little” things.

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