chasing mokume

The last two days have been almost solid rain, and welcome.  Some areas in the state got more than needed, flooding, but we’ve been in a drought, so it was a mixed blessing.  Still, it’s meant staying close to home and I haven’t minded a bit.

Today, I spent time with needle and thread, and while working caught up on a current taiga dorama (大河ドラマ)、 Ryomaden, starring Masaharu Fukuyama.  This particular episode took place in the Kirishima mountains in Satsuma where Sakamoto Ryoma and his wife Oryo were honeymooning.   What peaked my attention was not the fantastic vistas of those mountains, but Oyro’s hippari, farmer’s jacket – all in shibori mokume nui and indigo.

After watching, I went on a search to find images of it and finally turned up this link – a one page collection of images of her and the jacket.  You will need to scroll down past the large heading with Sakurajima in the background and  past the torii (shrine gateway).  In fact, make sure to go all the way to the end of the page for the complete viewing.


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6 Responses to “chasing mokume”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    do you watch this online? looks like some beautiful scenery-not to mention the shibori! funny you should post this now- just finished a piece of mokume to use for the fish- thanks for the link! still hot here-we could use a bit of your ame!

    • Susan Says:

      Actually, I subscribe to NHK through my telly (not satellite-used to). There is a place you can watch drama & movies (although they break them up into small segments – frustrating) here:
      I’ve watched a few things on this site, but I think it takes patience. I’ve seen other sites but don’t know of them off hand.

      The scenery and other locations, is fantastic. I get glimpses of shibori if it’s a historical drama. I don’t see a lot of it in contemporary things. I really like these dramas though, even if it’s a fictionalized version, I’m still learning a lot of history and of course, the perspective is not through the western perspective.

      I don’t envy you your heat. We had an extraordinarily hot summer and it’s cooling down, but it won’t stay that way. October can be warm until Halloween. I am so glad we had some rain. The ground was so dry I had deep cracks in my garden.

      • whereishenow Says:

        i will send you two a link for asian movies and shows….. ryoma is big big big in Nagasaki this year…. lots of PR for the history… i haven’t watched the show yet..but there are posters all over town and exhibits …

      • Susan Says:

        Oh thank you! I can imagine that he is a big deal in Nagasaki and in a few other places I suppose, like Kagoshima. I learned about him through watching Atsuhime. Ryomaden is action packed with more than a few scenes that are hard to watch. On the whole though, I think it’s visually stunning.

  2. neki rivera Says:

    is there something in the water? i’m also working on mokume!:)
    thanks for the info .will try the nhk thing . i currently watch nhk international on sat. but it’s mainly in english.

    • Susan Says:

      Gotta be! It’s been on my mind too, just haven’t settled on my imagery. I love mokume! You’re fortunate to get the NHK in English. The history dramas are subtitled, and sometimes a culture/ travel show will be in English, but sometimes they’re dubbed. So, most of what I see is in the language which makes things challenging, but I’m sure I’m learning a lot.

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