Meredith workshop

shibori on the lawn

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After dyeing their scarves, the students either hung them on a line indoors or spread them out on the grass. It was a perfect day for indigo & shibori.

Being back on campus was delightful as always and I really enjoyed the class. The young women were careful with their work, engaged and enthusiastic, especially after unbinding their pieces. Some of their results will be submitted for an exhibit on resist which will go up later this coming spring.

If it looks like it was just a day of dipping and sun, it was hardly the case, it was work.  The women posed a lot of thoughtful and challenging questions about Indigo, the properties of it, its limitations and characteristics that I couldn’t always answer.  That’s what I liked about it – the challenges, questions and further exploration that the situation presented.

So, when I came home, the first thing I did was make notes about those queries and that’s where I am at this point – thinking, playing, experimenting…and these things will manifest in a scarf or furoshiki, another textile piece or in another lesson.


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