Indian Rocks morning

Indian Rocks morning

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I’m slow returning to what I left behind. I’m in no hurry. I’m enjoying looking at the memories, thinking about the colors in the water, the sounds of the sea and sea life. Then again, the water in the gulf was bathwater warm. Unbelievable. I’d forgotten that. It also explains why my dad liked to swim there so much.

I really couldn’t help but be reminded of my early childhood days, visiting my grandmother who would rent a weathered beach cottage that faced the water. My siblings and I would stay with her for a week or more while my parents traveled.

Indian Rocks Beach always evoked memories of shell mounds that I had to cross barefooted if I wanted to get to the softer side of the beach or return again to the cottage. For some reason, I didn’t have any zori (flip-flops). That seems to be my strongest memory even though we would return in later years for late afternoon or early evening picnics.

It has changed a great deal since then. I don’t recognize it with the imposing condos and other development. It’s a wonder the sea turtles still come to nest, but they do. The beach is clean and the sea life is definitely there. I saw porpoises and sting rays in the water and a variety of birds along the surf.


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One Response to “Indian Rocks morning”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    the gulf coast is very special.
    beautiful colors such as the ones in your photo

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