Artspace works: Aizome Shibori

Artspace works: mid. school shibori 2

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I’m easily impressed by what kids do. This little piece was an early experiment in itajime by a middle school student at Artspace yesterday. There were some delicious surprises and we were only scratching the surface.

It was their first lesson in shibori and a first of 5 days at Artspace this week. We have 3 hour sessions  lasting for 5 days, so they should come out with a good exposure to dyeing (mostly indigo) and a few shibori techniques. They’ll also come to understand  that the work isn’t always accomplished in an instant, but that it takes time. Sometimes, they’ll need to be patient – not always easy for kids in this age group.

They’ll have some small, quick projects while simultaneously working on some slower, larger ones. We’ll see what comes out – it’s a mystery in the end.

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4 Responses to “Artspace works: Aizome Shibori”

  1. glennis Says:

    it is great that you will have enough time with them to really get their minds wrapped around the various concepts. each day builds on the previous. looking forward to more-

    • Susan Says:

      this is the wonderful thing about this setup. funny thing is though, that i’m already feeling time’s “pinch.” there are some expectations, although they don’t always have to be completely fulfilled. process is most important, but i do want them to walk away with a few things in hand that they’ll feel good about.

  2. neki rivera Says:

    if you can get them to understand that instant gratification doesn’t really exist they’ll have learned one of the big lessons in life. the fun and indigo are bonuses:)

    • Susan Says:

      i do hope they’ll take it in that spirit. some will grasp the message for sure…i’ve got some very silly and very young boys in this class and i have a feeling they’ll be re-learning this one many times over! always and adventure and good reason to just keep it light. it’s summer after all!

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