Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange Linen napins

UT (Univ. of Tennessee) colors are orange and white.  My brother’s kids were immersed, saturated or inundated with these colors in their growing up (and my brother didn’t go there).  I think it had more to do with one of their granddaddies.


The bridal invitation reflects these colors and I know we’ll be seeing more of them during the celebration weekend.  When I asked what colors I should use for a project, I was told “orange.”  I went with more of a burnt orange as opposed to a tangerine or other intense oranges.  The dye mix did contain orange and on closer examination, it shows in some areas of the fabric.

in progress…

At this point, I’m pulling out threads, the pieces need to be pressed and I’m thinking of adding some stenciling.  If this wasn’t made for fairly practical purposes, I think I would had approached it differently.  This is what happens when I’m in the middle of it – I see things.  There’s opportunity to explore these ideas further in other pieces.  At any rate, this is still in progress obviously…slow cloth.


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