White Asiatic Lily

We are apparently in midsummer, but I feel like I’m just beginning the season. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out exactly what my summer goals are, even though I’ve been planning for it since last fall. When the time comes, I don’t know what to do with it. I’m in limbo even though, actually, I’ve been productive – at least making or “playing”.

Triangle explorations – itajime

I really want to feel the season:  the heat and humidity, rest & refreshment (after the school year), the insect sounds, garden colors and and the time to soak  fabric in dye, then hang them on the line outdoors. It’s what I’ve been looking forward to all year. Then, it takes so long to approach it.

Pole beans & fried green tomatoes

Along the way, though, has been the pleasure of good food from the farmer’s market &  produce box which arrives each week.  The aromas and colors of these farm fresh vegetables are dizzying.   I’ve been introduced to new vegetables, recipes and tastes.  It’s been fun and summer’s just beginning.  There has also been a little added mystery.

It’s a frustrating mystery, but at this point, I’m starting to take it in stride.   It’s nature and it’s all that can be said.  The silkworm project keeps “shrinking.” I’m not sure why. Last year I had no problems raising them.  I might have lost one in the process.  All I did was feed, clean their living quarters regularly and watch them.  It was so simple.   This year I can’t seem to do it and I’m puzzled.  I’ve tried several times over with different batches and they all die after a point.  Last week, I lost over half of my final batch for the summer leaving me with about a dozen.  Today I have about 9 healthy worms.  I wonder if it’s the environment.  I’ve wondered lots of things and don’t really have an answer.  It seems it isn’t the year for it and in that, there is something to learn and appreciate – the wonder and mystery of the silkworm.


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2 Responses to “midsummer”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    a mystery for sure. i have no ideas you have not thought previously yourself.

    i had beginners luck perhaps on my attempt. i will try again when time permits. one has to have much respect for the sericulturists here:

    feeding silkworms

    if you find any answers, i’d love to hear. some of my smaller cocoons i attribute in part to a little too much warmth and not enough air circulation in 5th instar. will keep an eye on that next time and note any differences it may make. there are so many variables!

    • Susan Says:

      So true! I don’t know if it’s the temps, light, the food…I have no idea. I suppose it could be that they aren’t good quality or something….I considered that I’d picked from a bush on the wrong side of the yard (my neighbor’s side – they use pesticides). I harvested from it last year though, and had no problems. So, if the remaining don’t make it, and if I decide to try again next year, I’ll order eggs and see what happens.

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