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花火・Hanabi or fireworks is what came to mind when I saw the resulting red. My son also made a similar remark. These things come to mind in this steamy heat. It is 祭り・matsuri (festival) season. I didn’t have that imagery in mind originally, but it works in several contexts I think and I’ll bear it in mind later this summer.

Actually, I was exploring my ability to produce a readable image on silk through stitch. I had attempted a something similar earlier and was frustrated and disappointed with the results. So, again, this time, it was an experiment and I knew it might fail (for so many reasons). I also wanted to work with other colors along with indigo. So, it turned into a closer look at working with silk as well as color and dye theory. The results gave me much more information than I expected and so many things to ponder. So, probably more “studies” are in the offing.


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5 Responses to “Hanabi”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    you ·ve inspired me !
    i have some leftover madder and i·m going to use it and then overdye w indigo. sorry for the screwysymbols, my keyboard went nuts w the last update this morning : (

    • Susan Says:

      oh, so glad to have had that effect! do try that madder, sounds wonderful. go for it! i don’t have any madder around, but having read about it, really want to try it now. i really love the results I got on those scarves, photos don’t really tell the whole story. it’s amazing to see what these dyes do.

  2. shiborigirl Says:

    i did some hanabi-like pieces some time ago-although not with madder and indigo. i love how you can suggest fireworks with dye and shibori. some of my favorite memories of Japan involve hanabi and the small shops everywhere where you can purchase them.

    • Susan Says:

      I completely agree. I can imagine there must be an infinite number of patterns and ways to stitch… Love the color and magic of it all. Did you post your hanabi? I’d love to see them.

  3. shiborigirl Says:

    ha! i did in 2008 and you even commented on it. here’s the link-
    another view, hanabi

    i have another one but couldn’t find it right away….
    yes, shibori and hanabi- infinite! and a good pairing i think.

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