Butterfly prep – elementary shibori


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My dad used to say “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” and it’s true. The kids at my upcoming school are still being introduced to the indigo dye vat (although it will be my hands in the dye) and also shibori, on a much more basic level. For rising 3rd graders, perhaps it’s the best approach at this time of year.

I’ll begin with the idea of “resist” and have them practice creating some easy patterns with small fabric squares, string & rubberbands. The pieces will be quickly (I hope) dyed for them in the same class period. I have a feeling we’ll have to move fast (about 27 kids/class).

The next day, they’ll begin work on a larger piece to be dyed in procion dyes (probably yellowish/orange). The project theme is actually the life cycle of a butterfly. My specialty of course, is bringing in the Japanese cultural perspective. There are so many possibilities for this theme and of course, I don’t want to leave out language!


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2 Responses to “Butterfly prep – elementary shibori”

  1. glennis Says:

    sounds like you will have your hands full- do you have just an hour or so?

    yes, so many possibilities!

    • Susan Says:

      It will be busy, but fortunately, there should also be some volunteers helping out. Each class is about an hour long (more or less). There’s some variation in class length each day, and we’ve got 4 days together. They’ll wrap it up with an “informance” the following Mon. in front of their parents and other classes-a chance to show off their work and describe what they learned from the experience.

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