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Respite means “pause” and that’s exactly what this weekend is. It’s a pause between the end of my third residency of the month and its last day on Monday. It’s a time to reassess, prepare a little more for the last push and also to rest.

The work hasn’t really been difficult, it’s just that I tend to get intense about what I’m doing. I focus on the moment and the “little people” around me when I’m in it. It’s also the preparation, because it’s the large numbers involved. For some this might be easier, but I’ve complicated things and sometimes that’s just how it is.

Regardless, it’s the weekend and I’m so grateful for the time. I’m enjoying the blooms in my neglected garden, even the weeds because pulling them is such good therapy. I’m listening to birdsong and whatever insect sounds are about this spring. I think it’s still too early for the cicada. It’s simply good to stop and enjoy natural surroundings.


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