Tairyobata on the elementary level

B-Hata 2

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This has been a long awaited residency. The school contacted me last spring and I had hachi maki (headbands) in mind for their gyotaku (fish prints), but things changed, so I decided on an exploration of tairyōbata (大漁端) imagery in combination with the Japanese fisherman’s “good luck” or “big catch” banner.

It isn’t traditional, but thought the two went well enough together, as our theme for this residency is fish.

I’ve long wanted to introduce these banners to young students (and it is a form of textile art),  and wasn’t sure how 1st graders would respond. They seemed to take off with it though, and especially enjoyed printing the fish – it’s messy and some thought the paint was smelly (which maybe helped in this case).

I also took a long the newly hatched silkworms and they greeted that with some interest. Some were intrigued, others responded with “ick” and others thought they looked like ants. I suppose they do a bit, but actually at this point, ants are bigger.

Tomorrow we continue in the same vein, but another seasonal project is in the offing.


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4 Responses to “Tairyobata on the elementary level”

  1. velma Says:

    what a great day. ick is cool!

    • Susan Says:

      Oh yeah. It was fun and also exhausting. When it was over, I felt like I’d been washed over like Hokusai’s “Great Wave.”

  2. neki rivera Says:

    bet you they’ll remember fish printing for the rest of their lives.

    • Susan Says:

      that’s hard to say, even though, surprisingly, some have actually thanked me for the experience and said how much fun they had. one boy said his piece would probably get thrown out, so I said “oh no!” and made a sad face – maybe he’ll change his mind. Someone did a lot of prep work on those pieces….

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