Silkworm hatchling – day 1

hatchling – day 1

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Finally, after waiting for a good 2 weeks a tiny caterpillar has emerged. I was beginning to wonder if it would happen. I’m hoping the rest of the eggs will hatch soon. I’ve got many more if this batch doesn’t work out. It’s good to see though.

The mulberry shrubs began leafing out a good 2 weeks ago, a good indicator as to when to begin this undertaking. Although, I suppose I could have even started before. My concern is always whether or not my food supply will last and will I, in the end, have to forage outside of my yard for more? This year though, I’m seeing even more mulberry sprouts around.


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4 Responses to “Silkworm hatchling – day 1”

  1. velma Says:

    here you go again, i’m glad you’re having us along for the trip. how wonderful!

    • Susan Says:

      Yes indeed and thank you! I have so much fun with them and tomorrow, I’m introducing the little one to some 1st graders. We’ll see what happens. They don’t know about this aspect of the residency…nothing like a little surprise!

  2. Beth Says:

    I have none. They refuse to hatch. I’m not sure why. How are your’s doing?

    • Susan Says:

      I got a small batch going and feel like it isn’t enough and started another one. I’m waiting for them to hatch. Want some of mine? I’ve still got a bazillion in the ‘fridge. Or is it “gazillion”?

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