Session 1

Play-experiments 1

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I spent some unexpected “free time” earlier this week “playing” and exploring a bit. I’ve got a couple of residencies as well as a series of workshops upcoming and most of my time has been spent readying for them, so it was good to pause for a day. I’m still in the middle of prep, as there have been last minute changes. Still, I hope for a little room to breathe and play as things get going.

I am looking forward to exploring a new purchase, a book called Aizome Origami Shibori and it’s all in Japanese. So a little translation is involved, and I’ve been taking it very slowly, although, it’s well illustrated. I’ve found though, that some things are not so clear (orientation of some folds or binding), so that my first results were not what I’d hoped for. So, I’m back to the drawing board in some respects.


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6 Responses to “Session 1”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    ahhh, the drawing board. for me the best part is wondering and playing and experimenting. following along with you here.

    what type of indigo are you using for your vat?

    • Susan Says:

      that’s definitely where the joy is. i’m using synthetic, the powder and mix up a recipe. i’d love to work with natural. i tried it once and didn’t have much success the first time, but i’ve learned so much since…i’d like that challenge. what kind are you using?

      • shiborigirl Says:

        using mainly synthetic but started a natural fermentation vat a month ago- it showed promise at first but weather cooled and my ph meter died and i am reconsidering the fermentation part. i might turn it into a thiox/slaked wood ash vat and just get on with it. it will still be the natural indigo and i am interested to see what the difference might be. we shall see.

      • Susan Says:

        I’ve read that the blue is better with the natural, but sure haven’t had the time to explore that possibility. I’m interested in your thiox/slaked wood ash vat…and I need to read up on the natural indigo process again, but all of this has got to be later – summer more like!

  2. neki rivera Says:

    i’m mildly dislexic so the orientation can get confusing for me. like what you got even if it’s not what you expected.

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