Resources for Indigo

A reader just asked about resources for buying indigo…seems like there’s no end of places to find it these days, even on Amazon! At least one of my local art stores carries Jacquard’s Indigo dye kit, but I still have a good stash of it at home, so no need to shop at the moment. I have my favorite resources though, and here’s my list:

1. Dharma Trading
2. Prochemical and Dye
3. Aurora Silk
4. Maiwa handprints


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2 Responses to “Resources for Indigo”

  1. jude Says:

    there is so much interest in indigo now. i remember way back when i stated blogging it as much harder to find….

    • Susan Says:

      Yes, I had the same experience. Now, it seems to be everywhere. I haven’t tried one of those kits to see what’s in it, their instructions, etc. From what I’ve read it takes about 10 min. or less to get it going….so I’m just curious. I’d really like to do it the slow way with the natural stuff.

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