March vat on the Ides

It just worked out that way…it was an off and on gloomy and slightly chilly day, but warm enough to heat up the vat and hang things on the line.  It was a good day to play around, see how strong the vat was and play with some upcoming spring imagery (for 2nd graders).

I have other approaches in mind – maki-age perhaps, Chinese butterflies (?)…I’m not entirely sure.  Beginning simply, with shapes is a good thing, but this could be too easy or folding differently and using the same shapes…it has potential…we’ll see.  I’ve worked with the age group many times, but the activity is  new (I usually do high school) and I really want to do it.  I especially want to introduce them to indigo and think it will work well in this context due to its immediacy.  I’ll be limited to roughly 45 min. per class as usual,  so we’ll be working quickly – hence the play.  I’ve got a couple of months before that time, but playtime/prep well in advance is always a good thing.  In this case though, the indigo was calling.


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6 Responses to “March vat on the Ides”

  1. jude Says:

    love all this blue!

  2. neki rivera Says:

    jealous! still too cold outside to run a vat.
    lots of chinese butterflies sounds good

    • Susan Says:

      Spring’s comin’, Neki! I did some of those butterflies yesterday and got mixed results. My current vat needs to be stronger for a higher contrast for one. I dipped them several times yesterday and it was still weak. I’m also wondering if I really need to soak the fabric beforehand or would dampening do – little things – then again, I’m thinking about the fabric – a low grade cotton muslin.

  3. shiborigirl Says:

    yay- more indigo!

    i have a request from someone to indigo dye a gi (for an aikido teacher) have you ever done something like this? i told him i would but to give me a second-best gi in case i don’t get it just right. the fabric is so thick- it will be a good challenge!

    • Susan Says:

      I haven’t dyed one of those. The trick might be in giving it a very long pre-soak. You might even want to add some soda ash to the water (maybe even a little synthrapol?). It might help.

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