Unbound kumo 2

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All books have covers, at least they start out that way. It was suggested that I might want something to put my fabric book in, whether it was a box or another kind of cover. So I’ve settled on it, binding it with a few shibori elements yesterday and tea dyeing.

I knew the results would be pale, and as Shiva paintstiks have been another medium I’ve brought into this project, I thought to use it as an element here also. This morning I applied the paint then unwrapped it to dry. Once it has dried adequately, I’ll iron the piece and add a few other elements related to the book (finished, by the way).

It’s slow, and I work on it everyday in little bits. I have other little projects on the “burner” that I’m playing with as well. I also need to finish up the last bits of prep for Wednesday’s workshop (koinobori) as well as pulling together the tools and pieces for next Monday & Tuesday’s Gyotaku workshops in a school downtown.

The yard calls as well. Temperatures in the 60’s after a cold spell lure me outdoors to do much needed yard work. I still have leaves that need raking, weeds need pulling and it’s time to start thinking about what might grow in the garden this summer.  Winter doesn’t last long here.


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