Sarah P. Duke Gardens


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Yesterday, I took a stroll with family in the Sarah P. Duke gardens after having been to the Nasher Museum of Art to view “Picasso and the Allure of Language”. It will wrap up in a few days and really wanted to see this one. The museum is within walking distance of these gardens, so taking in the winter landscape seemed a fitting thing to do, so near the end of the year.


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4 Responses to “Sarah P. Duke Gardens”

  1. Nikee bayunga Says:

    おはよう ございます せんせい。 元気 ですか。 私は 元気 です。でも せんせいが とても 恋しい です!!!!T_T Actually the whole class misses you. We often talk about your class and how much fun we had… we all think that your class was the best (it made us unique^^) … we think that it would have been great if you would have stayed and taught japanese 3… anyhow hope your doing well… and by the way your website is very good ( and interresting)!!^^
    Talk to you later i hope
    bye bye
    PS: you can e-mail me… i can’t find your email address so …

    • Susan Says:

      わあ! びっくり!  ひさしぶりねえ! あけまして おめでとう!
      Hi Nikki! So great hearing from you. I think of you and my other students often. I am doing well, おかげさまで。。。
      Thank you for the compliment on the site, I enjoy the writing. I’ll definitely be in touch.

  2. Cornelia Says:

    Thanks for the info on your website. Very interesting… I’ll peruse as I have time. I did want to comment on how happy I was to see this as I am a graduate of Duke University… 1977! Durham and Duke sure have changed since then, although I think that the gardens are the sanctuary that they’ve always been. Wish I lived near there now as I’d make a lot more use of then than I did when I was an undergrad!

    • Susan Says:

      You’re welcome! I rarely get to Durham and have long wanted to visit the gardens and finally made it. Now I will have to revisit them. Anyway…what a small world, in a way.

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