Koi blanks

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

It is anticipation. I’ve been working toward this workshop for several months now. The image shows 500, but the total will be 540 plus a few extra. Today, the dark skies and soaking rain made a perfect day for wrapping most of this up. Tomorrow I deliver them to a nearby elementary school and on Monday the workshops begin (K-5).

I would have completed the job earlier if I had spent full days sewing, but I worked production in the mornings and left my afternoons open for personal work. I’ve read that I should be doing the opposite, as my mind is probably at its creative best in the mornings. So, that’s something I’ll be considering when when beginning my next venture.

I grew up with the work ethic: work first, play later (my dad’s words). I carried that idea around for a long time before realizing I couldn’t take that so literally (when was I going to have fun?). Sometimes though, it comes back, and maybe there are times when it’s appropriate.

This project has been a mix. It has been nothing but production, but I’ve stopped to play with the imagery along the way and that’s been fun.



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