Wake Forest students & Aizome


1st Period

The image shows a little of what 1st period was like. The class was small (18 students) compared to the larger ones I’d have later. The sun was bright and instead of working in a studio or art classroom, it was a regular classroom with desks. It was the English classroom for 9th graders. The room also had a sink with warm/hot water and that made a big difference.


Class periods were short though (50 minutes, but it was probably more like 40) and I rushed to have students finish the two pieces I’d had planned. The last two classes only managed one, but that may have been more realistic. Students in the last class received more individual attention and I enjoyed the one on one encounters.

The only thing that kept me guessing was the center of attention:  the indigo dye vat. I never could be sure the results were dark enough, especially with the short time factor.  In the end, the pieces darkened and students loved their work.

I should also mention and commend their highly energetic and enthusiastic teacher who welcomed me into her classroom so that this event could take place. It was a bold and brave move on her part (as it was an art project, not English), since she risked having drips and splatters of indigo all around her classroom (not to mention the odor). The students were equally as enthusiastic, so the day was high energy and a lot of fun. Their pieces also turned out well in my estimation, although at this point in time, I have no other images to share – I was working.


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