A little blur is fine

My first camera cost 100¥ or equivalent to a little over a quarter, at that point in time. Today, it might compare to roughly a dollar. I was in my upper elementary school years.  I bought my film from someone in the neighborhood who might have been a photographer and made a little extra on the side by selling and developing film. All I remember is that he was close by, could develop my film quickly and very inexpensively. I still have those early negatives and for the first time in many years, I’ve been looking at them.

I recently bought an inexpensive (not recommended) negative/slide scanner and have been revisiting  childhood. Some of the images are crisp and clear while others are blurry, skewed or are double exposures. Of course, that makes the viewing frustrating. On the other hand, it’s a suggestion, enough to validate some aspect of the “story” I’m looking for. At this point, sometimes that’s good enough. It takes me back and in a way, I’m looking through the lens of that 100 yen camera again.



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