It doesn’t always work


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It started out as a very dark purple (black dye, actually) and it seemed the excess dye would never wash out. When I thought it was, I kept finding the pigment on my hands. That didn’t work, of course, so I discharged it thinking that might help and it did. However, the result, in the end is quite faded. I have a feeling it isn’t due to the washing or bleaching action, but the age of the dye. The pattern seems quite diminished or degraded.

I’m sure I’ll find a context for it, but what I originally had in mind is probably not going to work. I’m not sure.

In the meantime, workshop jikan (time) has shifted, leaving a much more open schedule in this early part of the school year. It was unexpected, but I’m wondering if that’s also something in my favor – more studio time and I’m enjoying that a lot.

I also wanted to add that while things didn’t quite go the way I’d hoped, there’s an element to this technique that I like.  The colors that result can be quite surprising and I like the various “halos” that appear around the original colors.  It’s another kind of magic (although I want to be properly protected – mask, gloves, in the open air, etc.).


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6 Responses to “It doesn’t always work”

  1. jude Says:

    halos. always quite divine.

  2. neki rivera Says:

    some blacks are notorious for haloing.the only true black which doesn’t halo that i’ve found is the dylon tubs one. i’ve tried a couple from dharma and one from prochem with no luck.

    karren brito and i corresponded on this a while back
    good luck!

    • Susan Says:

      I guess it just depends on what you’re after or whether it really matters. I read the Brito links and found them very helpful. It’s an interesting “problem” and one where I think you can’t really lose. It will be a lot of fun to explore and try different fabrics.

  3. Velma Says:

    i like dyeing alchemy myself. your piece is visually rich.

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