White Light, Black Rain

It came in the mail yesterday (Netflix) and I don’t remember having selected it, but maybe I did.  However, it arrived at exactly the right time and I decided not to put off watching it.

In Japan, at this time of year, over this last week and earlier, particularly in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the stories have been retold, as they are every year. There have been several programs on NHK this week surrounding these events, so that we will not forget.

So, for me, it was well worth the time to sit and view this film, although it was not at all easy.


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4 Responses to “White Light, Black Rain”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    i caught several of them on nhk international.saw the original black rain movie-by one of the classic directors- some years ago.and
    coincidentally just finished the wind up bird chronicle by murakami.
    not bad for someone who cannot remember the exact date of the bombing 🙂

    • Susan Says:

      I also read some of his novels this summer! Norwegian Wood & Hard-Boiled Wonderland & the End of the World. I’m still not sure what to think of them, but he writes well and I couldn’t put the books down. I must have liked them!

  2. whereishenow Says:

    i have not heard of this movie… is it a documentary?? is it originally in Japanese???? which murakami book did you like best??? my husband has a whole shelf full of them…..

    i got a movie called “the burmese harp” from the library while i was in the states… my dad and my kids thoroughly enjoyed it… i fell asleep (jet lag) quite interesting and a lucky chance for me to watch a japanese movie with sub-titles… here, i can’t do that.. (no sub-titles.)

    • Susan Says:

      I don’t remember what section on Netflix it came out of, to be honest and I don’t remember requesting it, but there it was. In spite of all that, I thought it was a very effective film and well worth watching.

      Murakami: I’ve only read the two, so of those, I like Wonderland the best. I’d like to read more of his stuff. It engages.

      I’ve got Burmese Harp as an animated video and I don’t remember well enough to comment.

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