Zansho mimai


I missed the しょちゅう・Shochuu, mid-summer period when one can send out the shochuomimai, summer greetings.  Fortunately, it’s never too late and can send a Zansho-mimai.  Even though, it is now Risshu, the beginning of fall, we are in the dog days, the heat feels claustrophobic (almost), so a cooling image to deliver a wish for respite is so civil (at the very least).  In our western culture we don’t think of these things.  It isn’t part of the culture, but I do like the idea.

So, in this extreme heat, I hope this finds you well and able to cope.

The greeting on the card is:  Shochuu omimai moshi agemasu. I suppose I should have said Zansho omimai….


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2 Responses to “Zansho mimai”

  1. jan in nagasaki Says:

    summer greetings to you!!! and it will be hot here till october… so mid summer is not yet here!!!!! (technically)

    we are moving into the week of O-BON and “they” say, the cooling begins after that…. also, nobody goes in the water (during or after) but we do…. except for the jellyfish are worse this time of year!!

    Happy summer to you!!!

  2. Susan Says:

    And the same to you! I know it’ll be hot here for quite a while as well, wish we had some kind of obon matsuri here. I think we need something like that.

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