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After spending entirely too much of my morning on Facebook, I went running back to the studio. What was it that I wanted to accomplish this week (not that I want to think in those terms)? I still have a little time. It isn’t due until Sunday, still….

Nevertheless, the time spent on Facebook (just setting it up and the other little gifts that followed) turned out to be much more than I expected or could have anticipated.

To return to the actual topic – I began by cutting a sheet of paper into 16 smaller pieces that I folded in halves to make the pages for my next book.  They were a little too buckled, so at the present they’re sitting under a heavy book.  The next thing will be to mark and punch holes in each to make an inner binding.


4 Responses to “making new pages & facebook”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    just what we need isn’t it? more to do. but i did get to see your photos and catch up and even send a few friend suggestions your way -i think you will enjoy what they do and vice versa-you probably already do somewhere online but now you can see them on FB. the workshop was fabulous – i’d love to hear what the students had to say about the process and their work.

    • Susan Says:

      Your workshop images are so natsukashii! I’ve really enjoyed looking at them.

      Now, my students? Unfortunately, I’m out of touch with them at this point. I can tell you though, they thought shibori was a lot of work, but loved their results. I think given the chance to do it again, they would. They couldn’t wait for that display to be over so they could have their pieces back. They were really proud of them.

      I also learned a lot from it. I found that sometimes, even the simplest, least time-consuming piece was very effective. We had a lot of variety from the students and I liked all of them for one reason or another.

  2. jude Says:

    yes facebook is confusing and annoying sometimes but it is good to see you there!

    • Susan Says:

      And it’s good to see you too! I guess we can say it’s multi-faceted…so many elements. I’m finding it a lot of fun and such a good resource as well – thanks to so many (including my mother!).

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