Aizome Shibori


Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I enjoy seeing my work displayed as it is meant to be, on a wall or worn by someone. This was just in the Artspace instructor’s exhibit in preparation for the summer arts program there.   I brought it home today as the show ended Saturday.

I’ll be teaching different aspects of shibori to youth for a week long session (3 hrs. daily for 5 days). It should be a challenge and also a time of fun (play) and exploration (not just for the kids, but also for me!).

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6 Responses to “Aizome Shibori”

  1. Clare (Jolly Good Yarn Girl) Says:

    A lovely hanging. I am fascinated to watch this little fella making his threads – keep it coming!

  2. jude Says:

    looks wonderful.

  3. glennis Says:

    nice! what is the fabric you used? sounds like a great workshop for kids summer fun..

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