Silkies 2


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I’m paying close attention to these guys now. They do seem a bit more “slowed down” or is it my imagination? They still need to eat though and my bushes are getting depleted. I may have to start scouring the neighborhood for leaves if they don’t start spinning soon.

I read on one site that they turn yellow or yellowish when they’re getting ready for that, so that’s what I’m looking for (apart from their interest in climbing).

There are a number of good sites on raising silkworms. I mentioned Wormspit earlier. I recently found this one silk making and was intrigued with the pictures -a very different perspective!


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2 Responses to “Silkies 2”

  1. Velma Says:

    this is so exciting! it brings so many of my meandering experiments to mind–spinning a cecropia cocoon after it hatched in my classroom, finding spider silk and spinning it… i’m on the edge of my seat!

    • Susan Says:

      I’m on the edge of my seat too! I thought they would start this week, but of course it isn’t over…I’m just really eager for this to happen.

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