Vintage Kimono

Ori-nui – detail

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

It’s pretty obvious what I did next, especially after they showed me this piece. I was unable to photograph the whole thing after bringing it home, but the entire kimono is in this pattern. It was dyed in indigo and in this detail it’s plain to see that it was hand stitched (imagine hand stitching an entire bolt of cloth long enough to make a kimono).

I can’t be absolutely certain, but from referencing the images in Yoshiko Wada’s Shibori, it looks like it was dyed a pale blue (indigo) first, the pattern was then stitched in ori-nui, then bound to a flexible core and dyed even deeper in indigo. The pattern may not be a “show stopper” in terms of color or pattern, but the craftsmanship is high quality.

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2 Responses to “Vintage Kimono”

  1. jude Says:

    it is great that you can know so much about the process by just looking at it.

    • Susan Says:

      Well…thank you, but in this case, I had a really good reference and I put two and two together. That’s one aspect of working like this that I find exciting…the “detective work,” discovery, and then again I keep thinking about how to make a thing uniquely one’s own. I guess that just comes with the doing and doing it continuously, or regularly and then again, working with my personal imagery.

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