Animazing after all…


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This morning my son and I drove down to the Raleigh Convention Center for our day at the “con.” He was my assistant and I am so glad he was there. He made sure that I followed the “rules” of the con and that I navigated all entrances and exits properly. We ported my already prepared indigo vat, tools for shibori and close to 100 hachimaki (or tenugui) as I really had no idea how many to prepare for. In the end about 20 people participated and that was more than I expected, in the end. We had lots of “competition” during that time slot, so I was surprised at the number that actually attended.

It got off to a rocky start (at least in my estimation- more me than anything) and I was disappointed that my vat wasn’t as deep a blue as I’d hoped. I’m not sure why that was (was it because it sat overnight? Not likely from past experience), but I came away reflecting on how a potter must feel when a piece breaks in the firing process. Not everything works all of the time. Maybe that’s a good thing in the end. There’s still so much more to learn about the indigo vat. Maybe one lesson is that no matter what, it can’t be hurried. Still, there was success. All pieces dyed turned blue and with a pattern in shibori. Ultimately, I felt like the folks who attended, enjoyed the workshop and were pleased with their pieces. I would do it again.



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