Prepping for things ahead

5- the setup

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I am thinking & planning ahead and have been doing so for some time now, actually. The last residency was good practice for the next event – Animazement (coming up Saturday). There will be a few challenges to meet there, for one, there will be no sink nearby (or at least in my workspace). So, I will have to be inventive. I have some things in mind (some water is being provided), but I also have to think about porting these things, keeping it light, compact and so forth. It also isn’t the only thing I’m prepping for these days.

I may have stated earlier that I have 4 more teaching days, so I’m also prepping for exams. Actually, I finished all of the writing now and will submit them for copy tomorrow (I cannot run them off myself-something I would very much prefer to do). Policies have changed at school at the beginning of this last quarter and it has resulted in having to plan way in advance of my usual practices. It has altered my approach to a lot of things at this point (really frustrating!). But, at the end of this month it will be over.   As they say in Japan: おわり (owari) or おしまい(oshimai) – the end, finished.

Something just came to mind: owari nagoya (nothing to do with the city, but what my childhood friends used to say in Kagoshima.  Although, it’s probably not a regional expression.)  Sometimes these things just pop into my head-random-funny memories.  I’m glad they’re there.

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