Nearing the school year’s end

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Today wrapped up my last “full” or longest teaching week in my usual schedule. That means I have 4 teaching days left plus 2 exams on separate days. It feels like the year has folded into itself and I don’t know how that happened. The spring semester melted away (or got stitched up). I’m not feeling one bit sad about it (so far), it feels like a normal end to the year in many respects. I’ve just been doing what needs doing day to day.

The first 2 days of this week, my students were treated to a foreign exchange student (from Japan) and they loved getting to know him. This happened in a bit of a crunch at the end of the year but my students and I were still fortunate to have had the encounter, especially with someone their own age. I’m going to have to find a way for these kids to continue a connection independently.

There’s still so much potential with programs like this, even if they are small…I’m hoping that in another year they (administration) will re-open the program. This is one of the reasons why I stayed so long…I liked it.



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