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I can’t believe it, but I think I’ve identified a full sized Mulberry tree in my backyard. The leaves don’t seem to be lobed though, that’s the drawback、so I’m not absolutely sure…but almost. I keep finding more little shoots, sprouts or small shrubs so, I keep finding the “abundance” that I need to feed my little worms. Lucky me! My little “guests” are also growing by leaps and bounds but are still quite small.

I’ve added screening to help keep things clean, but I think they may be outgrowing it.  I went to Jo-Ann’s today for netting and found some doilies that might work for when they are larger.

Just for a little language, I’ve found two terms for silkworm in Japanese: 蚕・かいこ (kaiko) and蚕児・さんじ (sanji); and the term for the egg is蚕卵・さんらん (sanran)。Here’s an expression using past and current vocabulary related to the silkworm:
桑の 葉を 食べる 蚕 (Kuwa no ha o taberu kaiko.) Silkworms feeding on Mulberry leaves.


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