Fish Piece


Originally uploaded by SOFennell

This piece is nearly done. I promised it to the last elementary school where I did a Gyotaku (fishprint) residency. My intention was to deliver it weeks ago, but sickness over spring break delayed that (probably due to pine pollen). Then again, it was a short break due to make up snow days. After that came a 2-3 week residency/collaboration at my own school (the India project). In some ways, it has felt non-stop.

So, yesterday, I sat at my sewing machine assembling some of this. I can’t decide whether or not to add another row to the length or to just leave it. Maybe it works well enough. The squares are 12 inch hand dyed pieces edged in black thread (serger), so it makes the piece 4 by 4 feet. I plan to add tabs at the top for hanging. I like the square actually, it fits in with my perspective.



4 Responses to “Fish Piece”

  1. jude Says:

    this is just wonderful!

  2. Velma Says:

    very fine–your students are lucky and obviously you are having a good time.

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