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We have little “hatchlings” in our classroom now. We were rewarded over the weekend. So now, I need to find a nearby resource for food. Surely, I can find a tree nearby since I have younger wild sprouts in my own yard.

The correct term is not “hatchling” of course, but for lack of better terminology at the moment….These are not my eggs, but these give me hope. At any rate, after the excitement of shibori, now we can quietly observe these little creatures.

I should also mention at this juncture that is a fantastic resource for all things related to the silkworm.

For some silly reason this proverb comes to mind after waiting a year for this to happen again:

石の 上にも 三年・ishi no ue ni mo san nen/ Sitting on a rock for three years (makes everything possible). In other words: perseverance overcomes.


2 Responses to “Silkworm”

  1. Velma Says:

    This is soooo cool! Good health to your little guys, and good silk to come!

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