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On my way back and forth to work recently, I’ve driven past what I thought was a small but abundant Wisteria vine (fuji tsuru/藤つる). I’d wanted to capture more of these blooms before their season was over, so earlier this week, after class and before the rain started, I made a point of seeking them out. They were growing wild just outside my neighborhood. Beyond, there was a huge thicket in full bloom that I had not been aware of before. I made a point of taking as many pictures as I could.

These exotic flowers grow wild all over Raleigh and this is the time of year they make their appearance. Like the Cherry Blossom, they are not in bloom long. For a while, I thought they might be dying out, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. I was happy to find there were some growing so close by.


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One Response to “Wisteria/藤”

  1. whereishenow Says:

    wow!! beautiful wisteria. they are in full bllom around here right now, too. buzzing with bees….

    the first kanji in my last name is FUJI….

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