Today’s Topic was Indigo

Indigo dye

Indigo dye

Today we introduced the topic by viewing portions of two videos on indigo. The first one was Maiwa Production’s “Indigo: A World of Blue,”which includes a look at the Pitchi Reddy indigo farm in southern India. The images are rich and mesmerizing, yet honestly showing the backbreaking labor that is involved in natural indigo production.

In contrast, we looked at modern, yet, traditional indigo dyeing methods in Japan, through a portion of Yoshiko Wada’s “Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori” DVD. We’ll continue to view a section on shibori stitching techniques in the next class. By the time we’d viewed these two DVDs, there was just enough time to give the students a very brief overview of what they’re getting into.


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2 Responses to “Today’s Topic was Indigo”

  1. jude Says:

    i love indigo and although i would love to work with it , i think i will leave it to to others. i have received your wonderful piece and just can’t wait to work with it.

    • sofennell Says:

      It’s a bit messy, but I am intrigued with it. So glad you received you piece and like it so much. I’m interested in seeing what you do with it.

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