India Fest

India Fest2

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Last weekend I went down to the fairgrounds briefly to see the India Festival being held there. I was looking for inspiration, information, imagery and just to be there. The smell of cooking and spices filled the building. Music was playing (there were dancers) and surrounding the stage and seating area were many stalls loaded with sari, tunics, rugs, wall hangings, jewelry and other items to tempt the eye (and wallet).

In another week, I begin a collaboration with another art teacher at school. We’ll be referring to India and also working with indigo. So, I was looking for indigo in the fabric at this festival, but I didn’t see any. Although, indigo is used in India it just wasn’t in these fibers. Still, the students will be using Indian motifs in their work. So, going to this festival was invaluable in many ways.


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One Response to “India Fest”

  1. jude Says:

    hi, i am interested in buying one of your indigo dyed pieces on etsy…wondering if they are suitable fabric for quilting. it is hard to stitch through very dense fabric. if not, do you do any dyeing on muslin type construction? i am interested in promoting shibori in the quilting community.

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