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I really like the softer more “watered down” images this time. In the past, the paint has been a little thicker, I’ve used brushes and I think as a result it was harder to control. This time I used sponge rollers or brayers and it made a huge difference. I kept decreasing the amount of paint until I was just using what was on the roller. The results were more impressionistic, more suggestive and maybe more interesting to look at. If not, they at least dried faster and the kids wore them at the end of class. In fact, they absolutely loved the results and apparently, so did everyone else. I had a lot of compliments.

Today was the last day of a two-day residency. Tomorrow and for the next couple of days I’m back in my regular classroom. 2 of those days will be snow make ups and half of my students will be gone. So, academically, little will get done. I can’t really start a new unit and the one after spring break will involve a collaboration (and for me, another residency) with an art teacher. I haven’t quite made up my mind what we’ll do for the next few days, but I’m sure it will center on things I haven’t been able to show or do. The students will also have their own ideas and I’d like to include their ideas as well.



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