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I put some leftover cotton/hemp in a dye bucket yesterday. They’re leftovers from the tablecloth I did earlier. I’m using the same red/rust. This morning I washed out most of the excess dye, thinking I didn’t need to get it all out, since there will be more washing later. As I washed, I looked out my kitchen window that faces my small unkempt backyard.

It’s protected by tall pines and other native trees on neighboring property. I get the benefit of pine needles and leaves that I can’t keep up with. So, my plants and shrubs get their mulch naturally, but over time, they almost get buried in it. There was a time when I kept up with it better, but lately, it feels more like excavating to find my small plantings. Sometimes I’m rewarded with an herb or bloom I’d forgotten about.

Today, though, the clouds are thick and gray. It has been raining since yesterday and snow is predicted. Depending on the amount and the presence of ice I could be home tomorrow. That would mean more time for this project and an extended period to continue working on things for school. Since I can’t second guess anything, my priority has to be classwork. I’ll keep working on it today and it’ll give me time to play tomorrow (perhaps).

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